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I have a 9 months aged Havanese puppy. Since we bought her we’ve been employing Wellness. We not long ago commenced employing BB, steadily mixing the new puppy BB food with the other 1. As we made the switch, puppy commenced getting diarrhea – first somewhat, then more and more. She also drank massive quantities of water (a complete bowl in one hour, when she typically isn't going to empty it in a whole day!

Oh, for people who claim to own dogs with kidney troubles, protein amounts dont cause kidney failure….obtaining a inadequately bred pure breed ( especially small breeds) is a HUGE contributor to kidney problems…your dogs dont get kidney failure from eating BB for the few months!!!!! Thats just ridiculous!!

We've got contacted PetSmart and they have agreed to refund the full price from the food, even without the bag or receipt. We're Functioning to Speak to the corporate to allow them to know that there is undoubtedly some thing Improper with this food. I will never have confidence in their product again.

im very joyful with blue my dogs coat is in perfect sow search compared into the food i was feeding him in advance of which was eagle ,He's a 110 pd miami blue pitbull and very playfull ever since ive switched his food to blue ,no stomach gurguling Appears and stool just perfect i love it and i can tell my Pet dog rocco does as well.the chicken ,lamb and duck recipies i will adhere also for my best freind.thanks blue!

Why does Everybody Imagine if their pet results in being Ill it’s due to the food they are eating? Even should they have already been eating precisely the same food for a protracted time frame?

Bloody stools, vommiting, and distressed Pet dog is one thing I would not want everyone to ever practical experience inside their companion, as more info about austin dog grooming well as the costly curious vet visits! Their food provides a really robust foul scent and that is exactly what you will get from your pup.

Ha! We have now “everyday living source bits” all around the kitchen flooring He love the food but hates These items!

A standard question that a lot of pet homeowners have, is “How much Blue Buffalo Pet food should I feed my Pet dog?”. Since the answer is depending on many variables (for instance your dog’s age, weight, action amount, etc) often stick to the particular Directions on your formulation’s packaging.

Have you ever fed your Canine any in the Blue Buffalo Doggy food dry or canned formulas? Do you have feedback that could assist other pet owners? Please share your review of Blue Buffalo Canine food!

I believe you should of answer the cellphone simply call and informed them that you weren’t find more info on dog grooming austin tx fascinated. I believe that complete problem could of been avoided.

I am a Doggy trainer and for more about dog groomers austin tx have a Doggie Daycare. I'm not a Blue Buffalo admirer for causes pointed out in several responses posted byothers, but clients nonetheless insist on buying it. Many of the dogs on it have diarrhea along with other problems. A Bernese Mountain Doggy puppy has constant diarrhea However they will not change.

Blue Buffalo killed my Doggy yesterday morning. Bought a bag of food on Sunday, fed it to the two of my dogs Sunday night time. Both dogs turned really sick, vomiting everything up. My GSD recovered but my Chihuahua died 5 times later on! Joyful healthy three 12 months outdated boy, no food allergies, never any troubles with just about anything which food killed him!

Pure evident toxic to offer to your pet!! Can’t make any accusations concerning whether or not the company is fraudulent BUT I can say that the after outcome of it is extremely questionable!

Who inside their right intellect would knowingly feed their pet antifreeze(propylene glycol).Their are excellent items available, yes even kibble but educate your self prior to deciding to unknowingly poison your pet.

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